Hey there!

I'm Adam. I write text files for money.

Well, actually...I'm a software developer living in Vancouver.

I currently work for CloudOps on our flagship product, CloudMC, which is a cloud platform orchestrator. I develop integrations for cloud services, write plugins for open source cloud tools, and work on the business-oriented components of CloudMC Core.


I also develop open-source software. I try to use my projects to learn about new technologies and shipping software, which has pushed me to learn about unit testing, try a variety of build systems, author documentation, and learn about behaviour-driven and test-driven development.


In my spare time, I enjoy playing guitar, writing, cooking, and reading books - currently I'm reading The Design of Everyday Things. I've spent the last few years learning French, both in school and in everyday life, which has been a challenge I deeply enjoy.

I'm on the internet!
More specifically, I'm on LinkedIn and GitHub.